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Glamour and Sophistication are probably not what you think of when you are planning your counter top. Everyone gets all excited about the flashy things like lighting, window coverings, pretty fabrics and accessories. This counter fabrication can make big impact and dress up an island and still keep a clean sophisticated look. Although this is not new to counter top edges, it has really been spotlighted lately.

As kitchens have become gathering places and bathrooms feel more like personal spas, our most functional and practical rooms are trending towards greater sophistication.

It pushes a more modern vibe and makes a stunning focal point linking floor design with cabinetry in one dynamic sweep, and elevates an ordinary island to the level of fancy furniture.

The first thing you should be prepared for is the cost, because in some cases this look can more than double the price. This counter top requires extreme precision in the cut and installation. Where the vertical and horizontal edges meet, the material should be grain matched to keep the movement in the top contiguous. You can see in the photos how the movement in the top of the counter flows down the side panels.

Depending on the size of your island you may have to procure a “Jumbo” slab for seamless tops and matching grains. Also, there is a price difference on thickness of the counter and if you have it doubled up, you can achieve a finished side on both ends of the counter. Make sure you ask about the edge and get a look at the lay out before you make a final decision on your slab.

Stone is not the only option:

Marble, granite, quartz, travertine, concrete and wood have all entered the market as materials for this statement focal point.

Finding a Fabricator:

If you opt for stone, you must hire a fabricator experienced with the complexity of cutting the precision edges where the sides and top meet.

Make sure the fabricator is:

  • Using state of the art CNC stone-cutting technology

  • Samples and photos of waterfall edges they have done previously

  • Insured and bonded

With any improvement project I recommend you get three bids and they should all have a gallery of photos showing their previous work. Also ask for references from one or two of their recent customers and contact them to gage their satisfaction.

What makes this an amazing option:

  • Overall look is clean and fresh with sleek drama

  • Hides the whole beat up end panel situation and scuff marks

  • Easy to clean

  • Natural stone is waterproof and moisture-proof a good choice for steamy bathrooms.

Things to think about before you commit:

  • Expense

  • Inhibit bar-stool placement and sometimes limits seating

  • More modern look that doesn’t fit with a traditional style home

So, don’t forget about this type of counter top edge the next time you are making improvements to your kitchen or bath. If you have put this counter edge style in your home or plan to please send me your photos. I would love to share with my clients and see how this has transformed your sweet home ~ sweet life.

Xoxo, Stacey Willis

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