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A Few Helpful Gutter Cleaning Tips for Your Home

I love FALL except for the falling leaves. Those leaves, however, have to go somewhere and many of them end up in the gutter. If you have gutter guards you are in luck and you may just need to make sure they have all blown off and none are sticking to the gutter screens. For those of you with no guards, we have a few helpful gutter cleaning tips to keep you safe and prevent property damage.

Let Someone Know What You’re Doing

Of all the gutter cleaning tips, letting a friend, family or neighbor know what you’re doing is the most important. It is helpful to have someone check up on you. Also, make sure to have your cellphone somewhere near you in the unlikely event of an accident to easily call for help.

Use a Safe and Sturdy Ladder!

Use a Sand Shovel

Don’t try to use metal gardening tools, as they’ll only scrape and potentially damage gutters. Instead, pick up a small plastic scoop or a kids’ sand shovel. The trick isn’t to try to remove all of the leaves and other debris at once, but remove a little bit at a time.

Flush Out Your Gutter

When done clearing out the muck from the gutters, take a garden hose and finish the job by flushing them. They don’t have to be squeaky clean. Simply remove any debris left behind. Flushing out your gutter will also make any leaks obvious. Damaged and/or leaking gutters are a common problem for home owners when it comes to selling their home. When inspectors see lots of leaves in the gutters the buyers always want the gutters cleaned and checked.

Repair Leaks

Although it may be tempting to call a professional to repair leaks, you may find it easier to take care of it yourself. Just snip a piece of sheet metal to fit over the hole. Then, using a large putty knife, and spread roofing cement around the edges of the hole. Position the newly cut metal over the hole (from the inside of the gutter) and press its edges into the cement. Pretty easy! Although cleaning gutters isn’t a lot of fun, it’s an important job that needs to be done regularly. While some people advise cleaning them once a year, one of the best pro gutter cleaning tips is to clean them out at least twice a year, in spring and fall. Doing so will prevent clogging after storms and keep repairs to a minimum.

Stacey Willis Homes | Westfield Indiana Realtor
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