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Being a realtor has some serious side effects you may never have realized! If you have ever worked at a retail store that made you eligible for a discount than you will understand. Part of the perk of that job is getting things for less or at a discount. Funny thing is you often wind up giving a lot of your paycheck right back to the company you work for. Realtors can also suffer from that problem but on a little larger scale. We are constantly looking at homes and price reduction after price reduction we start the wheels churning thinking "Wow, we should buy that!". We can resell it and make a lot of money (we hope!). You can be very successful with this especially if you put in some sweat equity; you have the ability and the know how to do some of the labor.

I have a lot of talents but providing sweat equity is not one of them! I do however pick good houses that will resale well. Often clients have stopped over to the house and will say "Can you find me a house like yours" Somehow it always seems to be during a time of low inventory so to make my clients happy I sell it to them. When you don't have to pay all those annoying; )! realtor fees lol, you feel like it is a great opportunity and perk of the job. 12 moves later with 4 of them within 1 mile of each other I can honestly say that I have a lot of experience in this area.

DECLUTTER...This is truly my best advice when you are preparing to move. Even before that when you plan to sell your home decluttering can help your home sell faster and for more money.

Pack things you aren't going to use in any more and donate or discard them. Things you will use but won't need now box them up and label them for the move; blankets, extra bedding, holiday decor, family albums & photos, books, and stuff in your storage areas & garage (don't forget your attic). This will make your home look cleaner, larger and easier for buyers to visualize their items moving right in. Sometimes renting a temporary storage space until the move can help you manage this process so you don't have lots of boxes cluttering up your garage and storage areas.

Some mistakes I have learned from my 12 moves : )

1. Leave the big stuff to the professionals. Piano's, grandfather clocks and large glass curios won't fare well with your routine movers.

2. Utilities, will get completely shut off if you don't get them in your name. It is move in day and you think I will call today and get them all in my name. The seller probably called last week to get them out of their name on that date. The gas or water company is quick to shut it down and you may have a couple days wait to get it turned back on.

3. TV Remotes, DVD, power cords, TV brackets, screws, HDMI cables...Heaven help me we took stuff down packed it up and who knew what went with what. Buy large Ziploc gallon bags. Put each remote, power cord etc. in the bag. Label it A, then place a piece of tape on the back of the corresponding tv and label it A and if you are really organized maybe you even put on there what room it goes in. Boy I feel dumb, why didn't I think of that!!

4. Non-allowable moving items

These are some common items that movers won't allow. Some of them were a surprise to me but they consider them hazardous, flammable or dangerous.

Perishables & food items will not be allowed by movers. This is because the food will not last and could attract rats and other pests that might damage your property. If you are going on a long move I recommend giving these items to friends and neighbors.

Personal or sentimental items

I recommend you don't have movers transport these items because of inherent risk of loss or damage.

5. Snacks & Tips

This may sound silly but one of my moves I didn't plan well for this and I paid for it. Plan to have good snacks, coolers of water & gatorade, and even lunch for your movers. Movers have to have one of the most laboring jobs there is and they don't get paid much for the wear and tear it does on their body.

When the moving company comes out to evaluate your move they always underestimate the time or how many guys you should have for that move. Moving day these guys show up at your house with really no idea how long it is going to take.

Let them know the goods ahead of time and I promise it will go smoother. "Thanks so much for moving us we are so thankful you guys are handling our move. We have coolers of drinks, baskets with snacks and cookies all set up in the garage. Let us know if you will break for lunch and we will order pizza or sandwiches for you. Make sure before any of you leave you come see me because I have a tip for you. "

We also always had a fridge in the garage and would fill it with some beer. We let the guys know that they could take it with them when they were done. When they know you are taking care of them they will work harder for you and be more considerate of your things.

This does mean you will need to budget accordingly for tipping the movers and have cash in smaller denominations that you can divide up to them as well as having food, ice and drinks ready.

6. Cleaning

Last but not least!! Weather you physically moved the items or paid for a mover it will be an exhausting day. Don't underestimate how dirty moving makes your home. You can be the most meticulous housekeeper but a move will rock the dust bunnies like nobodies business. The last thing you will want to do is hang back at your old place to clean and get it ready for the next owner. Pre-plan for a cleaning service to come in after you so you can go on and be excited about where to put your sofa in the new place ; )!

I have prepared these lists to help me with my past moves. Look out it has you starting to prepare up to two months before. Of course, this is in a perfect world when there is lots of time to plan. This timeline can definitely be condensed. My quickest time was 13 days to prepare to move and I didn't even plan to sell my house. So weather you are moving across the country or across the street hopefully these can help you better prepare for your

sweet home~sweet life. xoxo Stacey

E-mail and ask for my moving checklist and I will send it digitally.

Stacey Willis | Westfield Indiana Realtor

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