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Living by example is leading by example. Dads can do simple things to pamper Moms on Mother's Day. Here are some easy things to plan and do for Moms that will make them feel loved and cherished while showing kids how to show their gratitude and give back to Mom a little.

Help the kids serve mom breakfast in bed. The menu isn't as important as the sentiment behind it and the cute little servers bringing cheer and hugs this Sunday morning.

Pick out some flowering perennials that the family can plant for Mom to enjoy for years to come. Early Tulips, Hyacinths and other spring bulbs can be enjoyed in the pot and then planted after the blooms fall off. The planting activity is memory building time spent outside with the family, which Mom will treasure more than most any other gift idea.

Dad, take the wheel! Give mom the time to relax and reflect on the day by taking on the bedtime routine! She deserves it! Plus, time spent one on one with your kids is fleeting and so very important for their development in many ways.

Above all else, Mom will remember the thought behind your plans and getting the kids involved in the plan means the most. In the long run she won't remember the exact box of chocolates or the fancy dinner out as much as the love shared with her family.

P.S. Don't forget to call your own mother and wish her Happy Mother's Day too!





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